Revenue Cycle Management

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The Revenue Process is an eight step process with documented goals, objectives, audit points and written policy and procedures used to organize a healthcare providers’ revenue management responsibilities. Each step includes key attributes and elements necessary to operate a strong and stable workflow through standardized and consistent account activities. This methodical foundation built around industry and specialty specific best practices minimizes the cost of collections, maximizes income for a practice and maintains a non-outsourced experience for the patient.

The Revenue Process

  • To maintain a unified, strong and stable infrastructure for the Revenue Process
  • Minimize the cost of collections and maximize reimbursements
  • Standardize patient account billing and follow-up activities having identified lines of accountability with consistent processes generating performance success
  • Provide a single contact point with a system empowered for patient satisfaction
  • Allow for frequent and clear communications within the infrastructure developed allowing for customer satisfaction
  • Recognize that customers are patients, healthcare providers, employees and payer organizations
  • Develop and apply consistent standards throughout our partnered practices to foster data integrity

The Revenue Process

  1. Scheduling and Census Management
  2. Virtual Registration
  3. Time of Service
  4. Charge Posting
  5. Payment Posting
  6. Third Party Recovery
  7. Statement Management
  8. Oversight and Compliance

Product Matrix

Healthcare Revenue Group will provide you with a sample product matrix and detailed product information. We have case studies and ROI data available. Contact us to learn more and get a quote.


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To utilize technology solutions, the firm's resources, expertise and collective experience to positively impact the revenue performance of healthcare practices.

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