Health Associates Incorporated (HAI) works closely with the advanced practice nursing profession, collaborating physicians of the advanced practice nurse, emergency room physicians, hospitalist, physicians and clinical providers each facing their unique healthcare practice management challenges. The firm was founded in June of 1999 and continues to generate 100% of its business from referrals.

IIn September of 2001, the firm used earnings to reinvest in the company and expand its resources allowing Health Associates to serve as a revenue cycle management solution for all healthcare practices.  In the fall of 2013, the firm then aligned with a group of healthcare private equity investors to create Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC and position its Practice Management and Revenue Operations division of the firm for growth in a new healthcare frontier. 

Health Associates, Inc. is a healthcare consulting firm and established a focus and over the years crafted an expertise as a recognized expert in the practice and business operations of advanced practice nursing, hospitalists, emergency room,  surgical and primary care programs.  The dedicated energy, advocacy, and specific attention allows the firm to work with practitioners, solo practice and physician groups, hospitals and universities throughout the country in development and implementation of care delivery models, programs, and consults on expansion and growth of service lines for healthcare providers.    To learn more, request an informational packet on the firm containing information on its consultants as well as a complete description of the firms service offering, call 713-344-2400 or better e-mail

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Thanks for visiting us.  If we conduct actual billing and revenue cycle management support for you, submit claims, bill and collect for services or provide you the network or software for your operations, please update your favorites to reflect a new web portal affiliated with our practice management and revenue operations company, Healthcare Revenue Group, LLC.  This is where you will want to visit in the future to connect to your web-portal and access your web-based data management links.  

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